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exit game

[Post New]by moggies on Jun 1, 17 1:07 PM
can someone please tell me how to exit this game without using alt/ctrl/delete

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Re:exit game

[Post New]by AmeKit on Jun 10, 17 8:51 AM
Have you already created a player profile and played some of the game? If you have, then there should be a button on the screen where you pick which solitaire game to play that has a picture of a house on it. Click on that button, and it will take you to the main menu page (the opening screen) where you can click on Exit and quit the game. That should be there whether you're just playing the trial version or have bought it. If either the Exit button on the main menu or the home button that takes you to that menu, or both, are missing, then you have a glitch in that game and need to go to the thread in this game forum to post a Tech Issue. You may have already done that, but I didn't see any replies to your post, so I thought I'd try to help. I know how discouraging it can be to ask a question here and have people look at it but not answer. So I hope I've made sense here and it helps if you haven't already figured it out on your own. I wasn't able to get any sleep last night, so I'm feeling very tired and sleep deprived.

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