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level 35

[Post New]by b4you on Jun 4, 17 10:34 AM
can't get gold on this level need any help

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Re:level 35

[Post New]by HemiGamer on Jun 5, 17 2:06 PM
I'm struggling with this level also, doesn't seem to be a very active forum compared to others, help would be appreciated.


Re:level 35

[Post New]by catsnbucks on Jun 11, 17 3:06 PM
I struggled with this. Build your workers up to max while you are getting all buildings maxed out. Through all of it always work towards to right to be able to build the two houses.

When the houses are built, clear out the top right first. Make sure you use the hunter to clear the scarab and the chest next to it. Moving back and forth takes up valuable time that you dont have.

Use the spells to work fast in the beginning. Towards the end save them to use the fast button for the hunter and magician.

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