Master Weapon

[Post New]by Ladyxyz on Oct 19, 08 7:30 PM
I am at something 5, World 10. Does the master weapon shoot out the little green balls as ammunition? And how do I change the weapon that appears at the bottom right side of the screen? I have pressed x and z but nothing happens, though the weapon on the bottom left side does change. I am really tired of getting killed, but I would like to achieve World 11.


Re:Master Weapon

[Post New]by WodashGSJ on Nov 14, 08 2:40 AM
The master weapon uses plasma as its ammo. Yes, the same plasma you were using as money up til now, and you get it the same way you ever did - kill things or collect plasma bonus powerups. If you've run out of plasma by firing when the bosses' shields were up, then you're in trouble - the only way to get more now is by killing those tiny fighters it spits out every cycle.

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