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[Post New]by TMGamer99 on Jun 8, 17 4:14 AM
Does anyone have good crafting combinations they can share?

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[Post New]by Cinders31 on Jul 27, 17 10:07 AM
Found this on the game developers forum:

Powerful end-game forge recipes
Adamantite Plate Armor: Legendary quality plate armor.
Plate armor pattern

Dragonscale Armor: Legendary quality mail armor.
Mail armor pattern
Dragon Scale

Auraweave Cloth Armor: Legendary quality cloth armor.
Cloth armor pattern
Auraweave Cloth
Silk Thread

Adamantite: Super high-end metal primary material.
5 Aetherium
2 Obsidian
1 Promethion

You can salvage Adamantite to gain:
1 Adamantite Ingot
1 Adamantite Sharpening Stone
1 Adamantite Counterweight

Dragon Scale: Super high-end leather/scale primary material.
5 Aetherium
2 Behemoth Leather
1 Promethion

You can salvage Dragon Scale to gain:
2 Dragonscale Armor Patch

Auraweave Cloth: Super high-end cloth primary material.
5 Aetherium
2 Cashmere Cloth
1 Promethion

You can salvage Auraweave Cloth to gain:
3 Grandmaster's Schematics

Essence of Might/Skill/Power: These are very powerful "gems" that can be used to forge weapons.
1 Garnet Cluster
1 Ruby Cluster
1 Amber Cluster
1 Emerald Cluster
1 Diamond Cluster
1 Sapphire Cluster
1 Peridot Cluster

Adamantite Weapons: These are earned from finishing the individual arena challenges. Clearing Lucian's solo arena will give you the Adamantite Greatsword recipe.
2 Adamantite
2 Promethion (or 2 wood if Kesh's wae)
(Add whatever else you want)

How to find some of these mats:
Obsidian - mined from Aetherial Manifold and Imperial Palace Sewer, purchased from final home base forge vendor (not cheap)
Cashmere Cloth - find in end game chests, purchased from final home base forge vendor (not cheap)
Behemoth Leather - easily found in chests and purchased from several later game vendors
Aetherium - drops only, from final dungeon mobs and level 50+ repeatable dungeon mobs
Promethion - purchase only, expensive reagent from later game forge vendor
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