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Level 35

[Post New]by LadyBastet on Jun 8, 17 5:21 PM
I have tried and tried, using the Guide in the game and anything I could fins online (which wasn't much), but I cannot get 3 Stars on this level! I've tried different permutations since the game first came out, but have never gotten 3 Stars!
Does anyone have a walkthrough better than the one in the game? Or can give me some hints to get me through this in 3 Star time?
I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks all, LB

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Re:Level 35

[Post New]by ArmyMomOkc on Jul 11, 17 6:27 PM
I finally got 3 stars on this level. I followed the guide, but what got me there was the timing of the huntsman and the chests. I had him go to the furthest left beetle, then had him do the chest behind it, sent him to the beetle/chest at the bottom, then the chests on the up right of the screen. While sending him through the chests I immediately sent a worker to each chest after he finished.
I haven't tried doing it the opposite (right side chests then the beetle/chest combos), that may be faster, but I'm not up to trying it again (yet ) .
I hope that makes enough sense to help you.

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Re:Level 35

[Post New]by lvfao on Oct 26, 17 3:07 PM
i, too, have attempted a 3 star review, which so far has eluded my efforts. thanks for posting this idea,ArmyMomOkc, of the two left first. i will try it!

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