level 16 dashur

[Post New]by emted1 on Apr 21, 10 9:42 AM
I am stuck on this level with 195 out of 200 happiness. cannot figure a different lay oot to get over the hump. can anyone give a hint?


Re:level 16 dashur

[Post New]by Pippinn on Sep 16, 10 1:47 AM
Here the same problem in the same mission. No more free building plots so stuck...

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Re:level 16 dashur

[Post New]by Poliwird on Sep 18, 10 11:45 PM
I replayed this level to check what's up and got maximum happiness of 220. That would be so easy to show it with a screenshot -- but for some funny reason links to screenshots are not allowed in this forum, so pm me if you still need a picture.

There are 11 separate building lots, a group of two lots in top middle, and a group of three lots on bottom left. Have a garden on one of the separate lots and houses on remaining 10, have a brewery+house where there's two slots nearby and a brewery between two houses where there are three lots. Buy a gardener (to do so, click your garden and then Workers tab, and use the rightmost button to train him) and keep upgrading your houses to level four until you get total happiness of at least 195 and at least 8 lv4 houses, them demolish the garden and build the required Courthouse in its place, voila -- you've met the goals to be allowed to a monument.

Just curious: if that helped, what exactly was the problem?

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