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level 107

[Post New]by evajaye on Jun 9, 17 10:49 AM
Anyone any ideas on how to beat this level please. Can you go back and play previous levels in order to collect more money. I think that is my problem I have not accumulated enough money to use on power-ups (bomb)Thank you


Re:level 107

[Post New]by goodyear1998 on Jun 13, 17 4:00 PM
hi. yes you can go back and play previous levels.....but only as far back as the 90's to build up your coins to buy powerups.

havnt been able to figure out how to get back to the lower levels .....don't think you can.

suppose this would make it too easy.

good luck.....i'm on 107 too and no matter how many bombs etc I use I still cant beat it.

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