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Problems Pursuing Bingley

[Post New]by kimistry on Jun 10, 17 8:22 AM
I know it may be considered a relatively easy storyline, but I can't get Bingley to ask me to dance in chapter 6. I followed a walkthrough by "TheLostGamer", but it's vague on some points (needing at least talent of 20 by chapter 4, for instance). I know I need some specific stats for Bingley (other than the suggested 64 willpower and 34 kindness), but which? Anyone have any hints for me?

So far, I have done the following to go to Meryton in chapters 5 and 6.

Chapter 1:

Visit, Outside, Arts, Visit, Rest

Charlotte doesn't believe
Yes, dance with Bingley
Praise the ball
Be agreeable
*Liked Bingley as a sister (to get Jane to like me)
Liked his sisters

Chapter 2:

Outside, Visit, Arts, Outside, Rest

Compliment Bingley
Play Cards

Chapter 3:

Outside, Outside, Arts, Visit, rest

Not acquainted with Lady Catherine
*Question sincerity (Does this, perhaps, reduce kindness or something?)

Chapter 4:

Arts, Outside, Arts, Outside, Rest

Denny = Meryton
Play a piece
*Do not dance with Darcy (Does agreeing to dance increase Bingley's approval?)

Chapter 5:

Outside, Visit, Outside, Visit, Rest

Go to Meryton
*Do not introduce Wickeby (Propriety issues?)
Compliment Bingley
Challenges and joys

Chapter 6:

Outside, Arts, Arts, Visiting, Rest

(** Here, Bingley does not come to my home. What am I missing?)

*Upcoming dance
*Ask Wickeby

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