A Classic I just..LOVE!!

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Jun 10, 17 1:54 PM
I own every single one of these, and a BIG THANKS to a kind fishie, I was able to finally get this one...YIPEE !!

BCA is one of those simple, but so much fun, games, that I do get excited about, when a new one is released, and I add them to my collection without even doing the demo, because I already know...I LOVE THEM !
LOVE collecting the shields, in each scene, along with the coins and finding the hiding spot, that also contains items, besides the items, listed to find !
The mini games, are enjoyable and I am so glad they have kept them, the same, if it's not broke don't fix it ...is my motto .

Someone was looking out for me 2 of my favorite games released, and then a surprise from a fellow fishie...so very blessed .
It is the little things in life, that bring me lots of joy, like these games, and when one comes out that I totally enjoy playing...it is heaven !!
I also got the new, Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 6, which I really LOVE ...it's a great day, for sure...YAY!!

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Re:A Classic I just..LOVE!!

[Post New]by lbrandon114 on Jun 15, 17 1:51 AM
I agree, love this series of big city adventure. Also love the vacation adventure games. I got both of them also. Finished big adventure, replaying it to beat my previous achievements.

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