Game opens with iOS warning

[Post New]by Pippi04 on Jun 11, 17 4:07 AM
Have bought the Full Game and started playing it. Nice, quite easy, but after de first round, I believe 6 tasks, my last task is updating the boat. But there the game stalls and there is a white rectangular field in the upper left corner. My Ipad is fully updated and I have shut the Ipad down, installed the game, shut down, opened again, nothing helped. Then I remembered the iOs warning, saying this game is not suited for the latest iOs version and that is has to be updated. I have contacted Big Fish, have been helpful just with the (un)install pointers but now they told me to try it here? Do not really see the point in that, but maybe more people have the same problem and it might push the developer into updating the game. (Played it 6 times now and can just about dream it...)

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