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urggggh so frustrated

[Post New]by colieleigh on Apr 21, 10 3:35 PM
I have been trying for hours to get her to put the darn ball on the pipe in the elevator, she wont do it so I go back to the weighing game and try again thinking I must've picked the wrong ball, I cant get the right one. Used the walkthrough on, still not working. I think I'm shelving this game b/c I am so irritated w/ it. she will never go where I ask her to go, the cursor is super sensitive and if you dont have it positioned exactly she just turns around in circles over and over again. Plus sometimes it gives you footprints sometimes it doesn't so you're clicking away constantly thinking maybe you're missing something.

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Re:urggggh so frustrated

[Post New]by bfgTigris on Apr 21, 10 3:49 PM
Welcome to the pond colieleigh!

Here are some tips that may help!
When using the scale, the following happens each time you click the middle of
the scale.

Click #1 - First weighing
Click #2 - Reset the scale
Click #3 - Second weighing
Click #4 - Reset the scale
Click #5 - Third Weighing
Click #6 - Cutscene that shows new set of balls being swapped in and the puzzle resets.

So Once you've done the third weighing and you've found the right ball make sure not to
click the scale or the puzzle will reset.

For all cases you start by putting balls 1-4 on the left and balls 5-8 on the
right, then weighing them.
Hope this helps!

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Re:urggggh so frustrated

[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Apr 29, 10 8:03 AM
Note also that the lightest ball is unique. Read the item description in inventory.
If it doesn't say unique, you have the wrong ball.

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