Level 9: cannot be completed on Mac

[Post New]by plaintiger on Jun 11, 17 5:42 PM
Just an alert: it doesn't seem to be possible to get three stars on Level 9 in the Mac version. I've followed a couple of people's walkthroughs about 40 times now and even made some improvements upon them that saved me a fair bit of time, and the third star still peters out while the gryphon is getting rid of the black wolf or whatever that is by the tree, every time, without fail.

I mean, has anybody else playing this on a Mac completed Level 9 with three stars?

I know I haven't.

Sometimes there are differences in the same game for different platforms; My Kingdom for the Princess III on the Mac barely resembles the same game played on the PC, so I'm thinking the Mac version of Elven Legend may have been more carelessly coded or poorly ported or something, causing some levels to be impossible to complete with three stars.

It's frustrating to play a game with unreachable goals.

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