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why did my game screen disappear and how do i get it back?

[Post New]by phreec on Jun 12, 17 4:49 PM
since the technical issues thread is locked, i'm posting this in open forum...
during a level, i switched to windowed mode, then a few minutes later, back to full screen, but when i did, it WON'T OPEN.
i had a similar issue with another game, but the fix for that one doesn't work here, lol.i have tried changing my screen resolution, checked my drivers for updates, checked the -game- for updates, but nothing is helping. any suggestions??
i have done everything BUT uninstall/reinstall the game, but past experience has taught me that it usually doesn't help this issue, so i'm not so inclined to go through that.
i am running the PC version, on windows 10 os.

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