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An Important Announcement for Players on Android Devices - June 14, 2017

[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Jun 14, 17 11:05 AM
Hello Everyone,

The teams behind the game have informed the Forum Moderation Team that there is an issue impacting some players on Android devices when trying to play Midnight Castle. It sounds like some players are unable to load the game, and I want to apologize to players encountering this issue. I also want to let players know that the appropriate teams have investigated the matter and are working on delivering a resolution.

As soon as more information is provided about this update, a moderator will be certain to provide it as an announcement for our players in the forums. In the meantime, for players that are unable to load the game on their Android device and have their Friend Code available, I would like to provide a workaround that has helped some players get the game to load again.

Players affected by this issue may be able to workaround this by uninstalling and reinstalling the game on their device. We recommend this workaround only to players who have their Friend Code available to provide should there be a loss of progress after uninstalling and reinstalling. With that Friend Code, our Midnight Castle Support Team can help restore that original progress to the Friend Code being displayed after the re-installation, should it be necessary. Just in case players with their Friend Codes would like to try this workaround, here's how to uninstall and reinstall the game on an Android device:

Uninstalling & Reinstalling (Google Play)
Uninstalling & Reinstalling (Amazon App Store)

The teams behind the game are working hard to deliver a resolution to this issue and we want to thank affected players for their patience. Thank you all for your time and effort, as well as for our players who provided the information needed to help the teams behind the game discern what was happening. Moderators will be certain to provide updates as soon as we have more information, and if there are further questions, please feel free to PM our active Moderators. We're happy to listen and help out as best we can.


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