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Can we please stop with all the update ???

[Post New]by rbsworld on Jun 16, 17 3:09 PM
I love MC and to say that I’m not addicted to it would be an outlandish lie. I am almost at content end and trying to do my 'level' best to throttle back the pace because frankly I don't look forward to the wait. That said, it is becoming a daily grind to come to the forum and read the ongoing blah blah blah about the update or lack of one.
It is summertime for most of the world and I know there have been excellent explanations and suggestions on how to deal with the waiting game....please, find something positive to do while waiting for a challenge, quest update or the next seasonal update. It will be here when it comes and no amount of bellyaching is going to help. By now, everyone knows how frustrating, boring and lothesome waiting for the update is.

Just my opinion.

Love your castle,


PS...I most certainly believe that the mods, developers, BF etc etc etc care. The multiple game revisions alone prove that they do. New games may be introduced daily but they are nowhere near MC's complexity and I can't even fathom the code requirements for 3 platforms. Again, etc etc etc etc.
PS2...I love this forum community, this post is not suggesting to stop using the the forum as a voice. It was just a way to say, "enough already...can we move on to other topics, please."

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Re:Can we please stop with all the update ???

[Post New]by gtminer on Jun 16, 17 3:16 PM
It is tiring to get an almost daily post regarding an update. I just assume it's by a person who doesn't come time forums, so wouldn't know it was just asked. For me, part of the charm of MC is our wonderful community.

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