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All unexplained Achievements = Top three rows.

[Post New]by sazoria on Jun 16, 17 8:40 PM
1. Killer Looks: Reassembled the barons glasses= gotten through normal gameplay.

2.Light up!: Light all the candles in front of the mill= In the scene in front of the windmill, where you first talk to the basilisk. there is 1 lit lantern and I believe 5 or 6 unlit ones hung around the scene. You can see where they all are in the cut scene where you are talking to the basilisk and they are all lit. Click on them all to light them and this achievement will flash up when you have got them all.
Thanks to CherylParker for this one as I went past it the first time.

3.Petrified: Examined three petrification cases.= You have to click on all the people that have been petrified once it has happened. Your father, the carriage maker and the old commander. You can click on the carriage maker in zoomed in mode when you are still able to access his furnace but you must also click on him in the zoomed out version when you are done with the furnace and can no longer zoom in on it and the petrified man. My understanding is that you click on all the petrified people in zoomed out view, where you can still see the whole scene you are in as well, in order for this achievement to work.

4. Nose invader: Got to know astronomer up close and personal.= In the mini game with the telescope and the astronomer, use the arrows of the telescope to move all the way to the left and down, until the astronomers head is visible in the telescope. He will say something about if you look any closer you'll see my nose hairs!

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Re:All unexplained Achievements

[Post New]by sazoria on Jun 16, 17 8:58 PM
5.Mind of steel: Defeat Jana in the final battle.= Gotten by regular gameplay, nothing special to do here.

6.Catapulter: Fired a catapult.= Gotten through regular gameplay.

7.Fire in the hole: Blow up the garrison doors.= Gotten through regular gameplay.

8.Free bird: Got Lisa out of the prison. = Gotten through regular gameplay.

9.Bibliophile: Read all the notes in the game. = Self explanatory.

10.Scouts honour: Extinguished the fire in the fire pit. = In the scene outside of your house with the fire pit. Once you have melted the fake coins and picked them up again, click on the fire again in order to stamp it out with your boots.

11.Hat trick: Kicked three objects in the game. = I believe you get this through regular gameplay (you kick a lot of stuff) but just in case, remember to kick out the fire and to use the pedal on the carving machine in the carriage makers workshop both before you fix the chain on it, and then again once you have fixed it but before you use the carving tools on the machine. I don't think it really matters but just in case!

12.One-hit Wonder: Finished the hurdy-gurdy puzzle. =This is got by playing (and therefore not skipping) the mini game on the musical instrument that looks a bit like a mandolin (Hurdy-gurdy).

13.Triple-double: Used your leg whenever possible. You go further in to the game and kick more stuff. Again I think this is all just regular gameplay stuff but just in case, kick whatever you can, (Seriously, you kick a lot of stuff in this game!)

14.Exterminator: Solved the bug problem. =Gotten through regular gameplay.

All the other achievements are already explained in the achievements page off of the main menu.

Happy gaming,

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