No Tasks

[Post New]by n1juana on Jun 20, 17 9:26 PM
I've not had any tasks except killing bugs for 3 days now. I know the game is not over because I still have a totem left to open. I've finished the baking contest, found all the map pieces and have tons of money and tech points but no tasks to use them on. I spent money on this game and am getting extremely frustrated. I see lots of other people having the same problem. Can't really understand why this hasn't been fixed yet. Please help me out or give me a refund.

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Re:No Tasks

[Post New]by blackbirdess on Sep 16, 17 9:29 AM
I got stuck on this too, looking through the other posts one has the answer:

with the last totem you get your builder to chop the tree to the right of the totem down then you can open the totem

This worked for me

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