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Totally winning strategy, yeah!

[Post New]by zuix on Jun 30, 17 3:50 PM
Here is a strategy I discovered kind of by accident. I had a winner (and has been posted here), and then tried a new one, which I went out on a limb to try, just for fun. It turned out to be a total winner, and I beat the game with not only total ease, but total fun So, here it is: (and then I will explain how to use it)


Zoo ability: Fleet of Foot

FIRE ARCH MAGE (+15% fire damage)
FIRE WIZARD (+10% fire damage)

Pal: Roj

Symbol: Fawn (randomly halves costs for abilities)

So, here's how it works so well. You kill the guys in one hit. That's it. No hitting and wearing them down on the way. Just wait for it and then, BAM, they're dead.

What you are going to do is this: 1) multiply your damage by 100%, 2) reduce the foe's resistance by 99% and 3) BAM, hit 'em with a volcano boosted by two runes that boost fire damage. Doesn't matter if they're fire guys with fire resistance. They're still dead in one hit. (Except for the last main guy, which takes 2 hits.)

*With the cheagle rune, you can use fleet of foot before you spin the first time.
*At lvl 25, your max mana is 270 and you need 275 for this to work. So,

>Use fleet of foot right off. Usually, next turn, you can use Mana multiplier. Do that.
> Remember, you are looking for 270 Mana (with a fleet of foot or revenant in play to get you that extra 5 mana the next turn), and 125 battle points for Sword of Apocalypse.
>Get revenant in play as soon as you can. Take advantage of the fawn if it comes in play, to play revenant for 1/2 price.
> With 125 battle points and 270 mana points, and with either revenant or fleet of foot active,
> Engage REEL OF FIRE 1st (4 turns duration)
>Engage SWORD OF APOCALYPSE next turn (3 turns duration)
>Use VOLCANO the 3rd turn.
>BAM, 298 damage, they're dead.

You get hit along the way, but don't worry about it. Use Rapid Strike to freeze them at strategic moments, if needed (usually not.) Roj will heal you here and there.

Works like a charm. I hade most of my hit points left after killing the evil wizard end guy. And it's just plain fun to one-hit the monsters

Footnote: If you have better Ice Mage Runes than Fire Mage Runes, you can exchange BLIZZARD/Ice Runes for the VOLCANO/Fire Runes. It will do slightly less damage, but still enough to one-hit the monsters.

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Re:Totally winning strategy, yeah!

[Post New]by zuix on Jul 1, 17 1:45 AM
Forgot to mention how well the Fawn symbol plays into this.

If you already have 125 attack points for the Sword of Apocalypse, but not maxed out on mana, and the Fawn comes up, use that to play Reel of Fire for 1/2 price, and you will have enough left over for Volcano, after you play the Sword the next turn.

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Re:Totally winning strategy, yeah!

[Post New]by shagwendy on Dec 30, 17 12:54 PM
There's lots of fun strategies, and every time you play you get different things. I wasn't understanding the Sword of Apocalypse, or the numbers, but when I finally tried it I realized that it doesn't just take their resistance to zero, as the description says, but takes it into negative numbers and actually increases the damage.

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