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Gears??? Sensor?????

[Post New]by movalley on Jul 2, 17 10:36 AM
I've done the fresco at the train wreck and I get nothing but hints that I've done everything (no matter where I go). The walkthrough says to pick up the gears when the fresco is done. Where????? I also have a wire that says connect to sensor. Where is sensor?????

I'm totally stuck.


Re:Gears??? Sensor?????

[Post New]by MisterBear on Jul 19, 17 5:27 PM
If you read some of the other forum messages you will find that a number of us are stuck at various points in the game -- but all resulting in the same situation you are in -- missing some vital item that the game was supposed to give you. I'm stuck back in the city because I don't have the raisins, even though I've completed the HOP that's supposed to provide them.

There is obviously a bug in the game that randomly does not give some vital item, leaving you stuck.

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