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Never had a game from BFG that has so many problems

[Post New]by jazeribe on Jul 3, 17 5:29 AM
Never had a game from BFG that has so many problems, black screen in puzzzles, jumbled up pics just cant enjoy what would be a good game for all the bugs.

I did the puzzle where you have to match up the knives and handles finished it and a black screen appeared with an x in the corner. Closed it and went back to the tree stump same black screen appeaers cannot progress in game now. I run windows 10.1

This is happening a lot in the game either a black square or it looks as though the picture is all jumbled up where you have to press arrows to get the puzzle pieces in the right place. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, still the same. I run windows 10. Any chance this game will get an update soon. I will not play untill I can play properly.

Love the game!!!! wish it would work properley. [b]

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