Screen Hang, Cannot Progress

[Post New]by Winnibigoshish on Jul 6, 17 1:17 AM
Made it to the dungeon, where I failed to complete the cat trying to evade the gates, and the game stopped. I see the game on the screen, and can move the cursor, but clicking on anything does not work. Cannot even exit the game via 'menu', because clicking with the cursor doesn't connect with anything, so nothing works.
I see that there was an update to this game in April of 2017, so I'm assuming that I have the updated version because I purchased it in July '17. It's not encouraging to think that the updated game is still wonky.
I can't play the game any further, but I do want the devs to know that I really liked it, up until it quit working.
BTW, I see mods posting a link to a page for help with "Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen", but the link goes to an error saying "Page Not Found".
Playing on PC with Win 8.

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