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DR for 4.3

[Post New]by Tabascocat on Jul 6, 17 10:58 AM
Finally got gold on this after many many tries but DR still eludes me. Any tips??

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Re:DR for 4.3

[Post New]by hyperbole on Jul 7, 17 9:22 AM
I've beaten the DR a few times now but for some reason my results are uneven so I'm still not certain of the best order to get things done. Once I ended with a ton of time left but I can't seem to replicate that result so here is a very rough outline of what I did.

Upgrades you'll end up with:

Wood: Wood workshop upgraded to level 3 as early as possible. All wooden posts are needed but only the first two in the beginning.

Food: Farm upgraded to only level 2 early and both bushes accessed as soon as possible.

Demeter's Obelisk (right obelisk): This one is important. Build and upgrade at least once before you upgrade the goldmine. It should be fully upgraded as soon as the other 2 are built.

Hephaestus's Obelisk (left obelisk): Built after Demeter's Obelisk. I beat the DR with upgrading this one time and with leaving it at level one. I think it's easier if you upgrade though.

Hermes Obelisk (middle obelisk); Build but do not upgrade.

Gold: Start collecting gold from the left dice as soon as you have 3 workers. Upgrade the goldmine only once. You'll need to collect a couple of times from the other dice as well.

Workers: Release the prisoner as soon as you can and upgrade the tent once for a total of 4 workers.

When I started filling up the pits, I tried to start with the ones that would give me the most reward for gaining access to them like the chest, a gift, or giant pile of food.

I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but I hope this helps at least a little.

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Re:DR for 4.3

[Post New]by puzzleguy on Jul 7, 17 2:41 PM
Got DR - tricky one. Use bonus when get wood! Forget about top pit, crystal and food. crank wood to 3, food to 3 and good to 2 and then 3. focus on balancing getting enough of each resource to fill pits - 1st the chest, then lower right, then upper left then top right.

get far right obelisk cranking and a bit of others, but don't need full.

Do it!!



Re:DR for 4.3

[Post New]by Lorayna on Nov 26, 17 5:46 AM
The key for me was really to get the Demeter's Obelisk up to the last level as soon as possible. I opened the chest really quickly as well.

Wood : Level 3
Food : Level 3
Goldmine : Level 2

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