Mouse trap

[Post New]by grammytn on Jul 7, 17 9:01 PM
I set the mouse trap in the wine cellar but the game doesn't recognize it so I can't continue.

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Re:Mouse trap

[Post New]by WilJul on Jul 9, 17 7:28 PM
Did you go wait in the pantry? Just in case it helps, here is Margie B's post about how to do the mousetraps (When she mentions letters and screenshots she's referring to the walkthrough):

Here are the complete instructions for the Rats in the Cellar

• Take CHEESE 1/3(Z) on the table in the lower left side of the Master Bedroom.

• Go to the Music Room; take the LARGE MOUSETRAP 1/2 (A) in the box in the lower right corner.

• Return to the Sitting Room; take the LARGE MOUSETRAP 2/3 ( in the lower left corner.

• Go into the Dining Room: take CHEESE 2/3 (C) on the table.

• Go into the Kitchen.

• Inspect the Lazy Susan; click on the handle and take CHEESE 3/3 (D).

• Go into the Shed; take LARGE MOUSETRAP 3/3 (E) below the workbench.

• Go to the Pantry.

• Inspect the light fixture by the steps; place the LIGHT BULB (F) in the fixture.

• Go down to the Wine Cellar.

• Inspect the 3 rat holes marked in yellow in the screenshot and; place one MOUSETRAP in each rat hole.

• Also place one CHEESE wedge on each of the 3 LARGE MOUSETRAPS.

• Go back to the Pantry and wait until all 3 rats have been caught. The message: “That sounded like the last trap! I should go have a look.” will appear when done.

• Return to the Wine Cellar.

• Inspect all 3 rat holes and take the 3 RATS.

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