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Finally got the Seriously All Done

[Post New]by calsmom2001 on Jul 8, 17 5:54 AM
I love games of this sort, but as others have said elsewhere, this is just TOO long!
It took forever to get to $500,000, then the Sale in the Pantry (which for some reason actually refers to the dining room?) was another eternity. I hung in there because supposedly once both of those were done, Scarlett would tell me what to do to get Seriously, All Done.
I followed the few suggestions I was able to find from the handful of folks who had actually done it. Nothing. My conclusion? This award is totally random. After trying everything suggested, I minimized the game and went back online looking for more ideas. When I found nothing I went back to the game to close out. Scarlett was playing the piano. I clicked on her in one last attempt to get her to tell me what I needed to do...and got the achievement! She never told me anything, and clicking on the clock, which seems like the obvious clue, did not work for me, though it did for others.
Seriously developer, I love this game, but if you do another, please make it shorter. Playing shouldn't feel like a chore.

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