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[Post New]by ChocPeng on Jul 8, 17 11:02 PM

There was a question asked here and someone responded to it, so I think the moderator assumed the question had been properly answered and, therefore, locked the thread. Actually, the question wasn't answered properly, so I will answer it now.

The original question was:
There is a section in the Strategy Guide locating "souvenirs". I haven't found a single one that they show. Am I missing something?

The kind person who answered the question was thorough in his or her attempt to assist the author of the thread in locating souvenirs, but that wasn't the question.

Since there are people like me who discover games a year or more after they've been released, making the questions asked here relevant as long as BFG offers the games for sale, I will answer the question and hope it's allowed to remain in this forum.

What the person asking the question didn't understand is that there is a Souvenir Section that is to be played after the regular and bonus games are completed. That is why he or she could see the solution for the Souvenir Section in the Strategy Guide but could not locate the items during regular game play.

I hope this clears up any confusion, and I also hope it takes nothing away from the original responder, who was very kind to offer assistance and in such a thorough manner. It is easy to forget that while there have been so many of these lovely Hidden Expedition games, some may be playing one for the first time and not be aware of a separate Souvenir Section!

I also hope this takes nothing away from the kind moderator who locked the thread, as he or she has a busy job managing all of these threads on hundreds of games and was doing the best job he or she could.

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[Post New]by 16paws on Dec 31, 17 7:43 PM
Well-written answer that should help clarify the issue for many players.

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