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Is there anyway anyone can help me on game Art of Murder:The Hunt for the puppeteer. I am stuck with the part on Manuel. I did everything the walkthroughs said (I have read six of them). I have clicked on ALL that I can click on. I talked to the lady at the shaman's house. I asked her about the fan and I got the brushes from Manuel and tried to fix the fan and was told there were too wide. I also retrived the pillow. I went back to Manuel and asked him for the new brushes and the stick. He said no. I went to the ruins and looked at fruit. When back and tried to talk to him and it just says END. It does not give me the option to ask him for the stick or for the belt. Any help would be very much soooo appreciated!!



[Post New]by lefty_lu on Apr 24, 10 8:35 PM
Nevermind. I figured it out. I was making a stupid mistake that took me two hours to find!

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