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Hot Air Balloon - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by sir_vival on Jul 11, 17 5:48 AM
Wiki found
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Search for: Rooms of Memory Hot Air Balloon
Expedition page: Hot Air Balloon Area

Advanced search refers to 9 page - wow
Again, page 1 available - 8 pages for geocashing only (Hot air inside?)

Old threads:

At last one thread hides in the unavailable pages - chapeau programmer, chapeau BF

Items and charges are not giftable

Locations are:
'Secrets of Paris', mainly
'The Bellows Manor', 2 tasks

Helper: 'Balloonist Billy'
Appears in: 'Secrets of Paris', rewards 800 gold, 40 experience

Dragon: Dragon Michael
Expedition Time: 2 h
Food: 18.000
Feed Times: 54
Room Time: 6 h

Re:New Offer: Hot Air Balloon

[Post New]by Beth87112 on Jul 22, 14 3:47 AM
This information is from the Wiki:
Type: Pterodactyl Gabriel
Expedition Time: 2 h
Food: 18.000
Feed Times: 54
Room Time: 6 h

Reward: Balloonist's Chest
50 Silver Tarra Cards
100 Gold Tarra Cards
20 Creature Summoning Scrolls
1 Strawberry Jam, 1 Energy of Time
2 Large Master Sets (Maya runes)
Flight in a Basket (Trophy)
Pouch of Pearls (1)
Gadgets: Bell (10), Phase Watch (10), Solar Lamp (10), Hammer of Thor (10), Problem Solver (10)
40.000 coins
1000 XP
Artifact Carges: Comet in Retort (1), Cold Boiling (1), Red Boot (1), Electric Whipping-top (1), Mother-of-Pearl Essence (1), Gamma Radiance (1), Intensive Glow (1), Glowing Cone (1), Energy Rocks (1), Blackberry Juice (1)
The charges may vary.

Have an enjoyable flight.
Surf the landscape
Don't shoot at the balloon
Sir Vival

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Re:Hot Air Balloon - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by draeko1 on Jul 11, 17 7:25 PM
Thanks Sir Vival, great info as usual.

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