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Have you won this game?

[Post New]by Yarnalee on Jul 11, 17 8:52 PM
I have enjoyed playing this game, but I'm at the final battle and cannot win it. Does anybody have some advice? What skills are most effective?

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Re:Have you won this game?

[Post New]by Leemo on Jul 15, 17 4:11 AM
Create the ultimate Grand master armor and sword. You need to forge the special metal to create the armor. The materials cost a LOT! The armor will make you mostly invulnerable. You should be able to forge at least a couple of sets for the group.

Hoard any of the "gold-like" metal you find. I found drops of a good amount but you can't buy it. I forget what it's called since I deleted all my old saves and started a new game, for the same reason you are inquiring about.

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