Game finished

[Post New]by DavyRavenhorst on Jul 12, 17 6:09 PM
Hi fishies and FRHgames:

I just completed the game !! When I was done playing level 100, the fireworks go off in the form of stars, and the huge pirate ship (the same one that you see when you create a new player) comes in, all three ghosts come up with a message "Why did the pirates want this much treasure?" and when you click the message off, two of the ghosts (the girl ghost and the detective ghost) go aboard and the ship disappears. Then another message "The game is over. You can either play random levels, play bonus levels or create a new profile." comes up. The end...

And I did play all the bonus levels as well as the final sequence...

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Re:Game finished

[Post New]by FRHgames on Jul 12, 17 8:11 PM
Congratulations! :-)

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