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Grammar-School Boy - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by sir_vival on Jul 13, 17 2:52 AM
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Advanced search refers to 2 pages - wow
Page 1 available - page 2? A gimmick?

Old threads:

Items are giftable (Quest 1 and 2)
Items of quest 3 are giftable, once you found the requested item

Locations are:
'Old Hospital Yard'
'X-Ray Room'
'Night X-Rays'

Unlock rooms by paying 2.000 coins

Helper: 'Nurse Ghost'
Appears in: 'The Bellows Manor', rewards 800 gold, 40 experience

No expedition

Chest contents

[Post New]by lanimur on Sep 22, 15 6:50 AM
Medical Bag contains:

100 Silver Tarra cards
50 Gold Tarra Cards
20 Creature Summoning Scrolls
1 Chest of Mysteries
1 Bio-module
1 each of 10 charges
2 each of Old Amphora, Ghost Trap, Phial of Darkness, Marble Algae & Anaglyph Glasses
1 Purse of Pearls
20000 Coins
500 XP.

Freelancer in the Radiology
A dream comes true - examine patients, light 'em up
Nurse 'Rabiata' will assist you
Sir Vival

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Re:Grammar-School Boy - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by PlusJenney on Jul 13, 17 6:20 AM
Is there a trophy in the chest, or do we need to keep the rooms open until we reach master or grand master in order to get a trophy (or trophies)?

I don't want to be overexposed to x-rays, but for a trophy I am willing to undergo additional testing!

The "Gymnasium Student" trophy dropped while searching the X-Ray room.
The "Hospital Ghost" trophy dropped while searching the Night X-Rays room.

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Re:Grammar-School Boy - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by Vulcaness on Jul 13, 17 7:32 AM
Thank you Sir and PlusJenney. You have both been very helpful.

Now I feel a cold coming on. Hope it doesn't get worse.

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Re:Grammar-School Boy - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by persveil on Jul 13, 17 8:08 PM
Here's hoping they keep the hospital open for the third quest in the series. I keep hoping to finally finish the emerald globe, gift & sorcery scroll.

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Re:Grammar-School Boy - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by marliza on Jul 17, 17 10:42 AM
There's a "jewelry box with souls" artifact that can be made from this event, but it doesn't show in the artifact list of the event at all. I wonder if there are any others? Can anyone tell me? I'm going to try to make the jewelry box. - at least.

I got that one.
There is another as well. It's called "journal". It has a picture of a purple diary on it. I'm going to continue and hopefully complete that one as well, even though I got the last piece for the last artifact shown.

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