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No Walkthrough?

[Post New]by Csustar on Jul 13, 17 9:14 AM
I thought there would be a walkthrough with a collectors edition. But I am new to this type and looks similar to the games that the baby is in and a mouse popping it head up here and there.
Am I wrong?

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Re:No Walkthrough?

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Jul 13, 17 5:45 PM
Correct, it's a original game concept by the same game makers of the Delicious Emily games. They seem to use this same template for many of their games: Mary le Chef, Fabulous Angela, Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action!, Sally's Spa Beauty Secrets, Cathy's Crafts (the worse one of all), etc. To be honest, I wish they would just stick with the Delicious Emily because it's getting boring doing the same thing over and over, just with different characters and theme.

I don't think a walkthrough is necessary. The game is quite easy although I played the entire thing on my iPad, not PC.


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Re:No Walkthrough?

[Post New]by CherylParker on Aug 16, 17 4:54 PM
If you go to Google and type in just casually gaming list of walkthroughs They have a list of all Delicious, Fabulous, Dr. Cares, Heart's Medicine, Maggie's Movies and Mary le Chef.

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