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Level 216

[Post New]by LanaPook on Jul 13, 17 4:37 PM
Any get this one? Help! I really like this game. Thanks!


Re:Level 216

[Post New]by lightuptheroom on Jul 30, 17 5:49 AM
I am stuck here too, any luck so far?


Re:Level 216

[Post New]by wanderingwomble on Aug 2, 17 3:58 PM
I used a couple of strategies. First of all, you need to keep tokens up near the cage or you will never get that area clear. If you make matches anywhere on the left side of the board, it will use up the tokens near the cage - so don't do that.

I used the spell activator thing to get all the spells right away and then used the hammer to clear part of the cage area. Then I made matches on the right hand part of the board until I could get a row or column bonus. Use the purple swap tokens spell to move the row or column bonus near the cage. Use the red magic dart spell on the bonus you just moved to activate it. Hopefully you were able to clear enough of the area around the cage. The blue rabbit can also clear some of that area for you.

Then clear some stuff near the starting point and use the teleport spell to get your character into the main part of the board.

It was tricky, but by using lots of bonuses and spells and some luck I was able to get past this level.

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