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[Post New]by simplicity19 on Jul 15, 17 11:53 AM
I can't seem to get the last mini game. Think I have played them all with a high score. But haven't earned the award (17 out of 18) Suggestions?

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Re:Minigames award

[Post New]by Furryfury on Jul 15, 17 12:33 PM
For many of us, it is not possible to get the 18th minigame (see the tech issues thread). The bathing minigame in chapter 4 is still in tutorial mode, so the slider doesn't move at all and it doesn't register as earning a high score.

This means we won't be able to achieve two of the achievements (high score on minigames and earn all achievements) because of a glitch.


Re:Minigames award

[Post New]by simplicity19 on Jul 15, 17 1:10 PM
Did view the tech and noticed the slider didn't move. Thanks for the feedback!!


Re:Minigames award

[Post New]by HOAdventureFan on Jul 24, 17 11:31 PM
Did they ever fix this? Is there any word as to whether they will provide a game upgrade?
I am wondering because I cannot seem to get the highest score on the hair brushing game on level 2 when there are 3 or 4 sliders.
How do you tell when you have gotten the highest score (3 stars) and if it registered toward the trophies? Also, I did get the highest score on hair brushing with only 2 sliders, does this count?


Re:Minigames award

[Post New]by highqueen41 on Dec 23, 17 11:31 AM
I got a high score on 17 of 18 mini-games. But I don't even know which mini game that I missed.


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[Post New]by CherishLife on Feb 9, 18 3:37 PM
Did anyone get 3 stars on dog brushing teeth mini game in Chapter 2. I know others said there was a technical glitch when it came to the dog washing.

So I wonder if everyone was able to get 3 stars on this game. I got 3 stars on the fleas which was difficult. Just wondering does this make a difference or is it confirmed it is a technical glitch.

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Re:Minigames award

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Feb 9, 18 8:34 PM
I was able to get 3 stars but I played on an iPad, not PC.


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