souveniers in dark parables games

[Post New]by valintine1 on Jul 16, 17 11:55 AM
I have real trouble seeing the souvenirs in the Dark Parables games. I can usually find the teeny acorn, know the parables come after morphing lilies, but I just can't see the souvenirs, mainly because I have no idea what they are. Help. Am I supposed to try to hit any odd looking features, I hit just about every projection or root or rock I can find. Do they morph? How do I know what I'm looking for?

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Re:souveniers in dark parables games

[Post New]by bridie47 on Jul 16, 17 4:22 PM
yep join the club... Sometimes I just got lucky and hit on one or two.I'm usually busy doing the quests to bother with the collectables, So, what I do is just wait till I've done the bonus chapter and click on the "extras" and do them that way. That's if you have the collectors edition, not sure if the SE one has it Hope this helps..
Oh and just remembered there is a strategy guide for this game so if you look at the end past the Bonus chapter, there may be a guide for souvenirs and collectables etc...

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Re:souveniers in dark parables games

[Post New]by sazoria on Jul 16, 17 9:29 PM
The Souvenirs are completely separate to the collectibles and parables.
You get the collectibles and the parables during gameplay, but you cannot get things titled souvenirs, and therefor the achievement related to getting them all, until you have already played the main and bonus games.

Once played, you go to extras and click on the souvenirs button and play the souvenirs game.
The souvenirs will be specific items, in the case of this game you are looking for the makings of a full set of armour.
I can't remember whether when you click on the souvenirs button it takes you straight into gameplay, it's possible it might take you to a scene where you see the silhouettes of the pieces of armour, in which case click on a piece in order to begin gameplay.
You will then be presented with previous game scenes, with one souvenir hidden in each scene. What you are looking for will be shown at the bottom of the screen as a picture, like a HOP.
Again I can't remember, in some souvenir games the thing is hidden in plain sight, in others you may have to click on and move something out of the way to reveal the item, or else pick up another item like a pickaxe and use it somewhere in the scene to get your item, and some souvenir hunts are a bit of both.
Once you have found all the souvenirs (one per scene) then you will get your achievement.

In terms of this game series, they have been made by two separate companies, so the earlier games in the series are a bit different to the later ones, and not all have souvenir hunts. The Rapunzel one has Gems to collect as well as symbols, which you can then use at the end in order to get the happiest ending.

The main takeaway from this is that although you may find symbols (acorns) or parables in the game you will not get any souvenirs until you play the extras game after finishing the main and bonus ones, so don't worry that you haven't found them.
Happy gaming

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