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level 28

[Post New]by arthurC on Jul 18, 17 3:41 PM
Stuck on level 28 .. and I doubt I'll get any answer here because it's such an old thread .. but here goes anyway:

I've got baubles at the top problem .. and below them, is a row of locks. The problem is, there are no keys on the grid, and no arrows to any other rooms where the keys would normally be. Just the one board .. nowhere else to go. I'm wondering if it's a glitch?

Any help anyone. I can't advance and may as well pack the game in if I can't find a solution.

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Re:level 28

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jul 18, 17 7:19 PM
I haven't played this Jewel Match in a long time either and can't pull the levels up on demand wish the dev would bring this feature back from the first few JM games sometimes...

Every level has scroll arrows by this point of the game so if you don't see any open arrows when you move the "room" around, the key(s) you need to unlock those locks at the bottom are either somewhere in that room or else there is a key(s) somewhere in that room which will unlock one or more scroll arrows for you to go to another room and find more keys elsewhere for those locked spaces in the first room.

I've got a sneaking suspicion that the missing keys are hiding underneath proxy tiles (those circular things with numbers that go down with every match you make next to them until they eventually disappear with enough matches), or possibly underneath wood boxes, if there are wood boxes in the "room". If you are playing in relaxed mode, just look for all the circle numbered proxies or wood boxes and start matching next to all of them to see if anything pops out of them. I also seem to remember that the keys had a tendency to "hide" on me with all the other pieces being so bright so it was sometimes hard for me to spot keys floating among everything else. Hope that helps.

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