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This game is lasting forever...

[Post New]by Pucktweety on Oct 20, 08 3:15 PM
I know I don't play it alot compared to other games. But I bought it absolutely ages ago and it's lasting forever.

First of the levels are really quite long, it seems like I'm on the same level for ages.

Secondly there seems to be endless levels and there probably isnt but still.

It's a long game. But a good game.

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Re:This game is lasting forever...

[Post New]by subiegirl on Feb 17, 10 1:28 PM
Have you found any other games that seem to last long? I'm having a hard time justifying buying any more games because the two I've purchased so far and the other four I've played online are over within about 4 hours with no replay value. I don't want to give up on Big Fish, so I am trying to get advice from others on games that will be worth my money. Thanks!


Re:This game is lasting forever...

[Post New]by katestar on Mar 3, 10 1:33 AM
Have you tried the Virtual Villagers games? The game continues while you're offline, there's challenges to work towards and they take ages to finish. You can also replay using a different strategy.

If you like time management, the Diner Dash games have lots of levels and I found Diner Town Studios particularly hard to get expert level scores.

I also loved Wandering Willows. Try the demo, you'll be hooked!

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