Expert on all levels!

[Post New]by shellie0730 on Apr 25, 10 11:34 PM
Whoo Hoo! I finally beat this game with expert on on levels. Thanks to persistence and tweeking online walkthroughs. It's a great one if you enjoy repetitious fun.


Re:Expert on all levels!

[Post New]by nataliesmama on May 14, 10 5:57 AM
Some of those levels were maddening, but I also finally got all "expert," meaning I finished expanding my castle! Now I am going through and trying to beat my own high scores, and I added a second player to start over from the beginning. I can't wait for a sequel!

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Re:Expert on all levels!

[Post New]by Greylady_98 on Jun 2, 10 9:34 PM
Congrats to both of you!!!!! I know just how hard that is. I'm trying to do that now, but can't get past level 4.8. Been stuck there forever. I can't seem to get enough gold to get those last two rock piles. Is there a trick to them? I can't skip a route because every one of them has a torch I need to light. Can you tell me your secret?? LOL

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