Robot Code Stinks

[Post New]by snj1967 on Jul 19, 17 11:52 PM
I have tried the walk through & forum for this game & I STILL CAN'T get the code right.I have been TRYING to get the robot code fixed for months, so i can go on to the next part of the game. Can someone PLEASE help me out? I sure would appreciate it. Thankx :-)

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Re:Robot Code Stinks

[Post New]by mcquigan on Dec 8, 17 5:07 PM
Yes, it does kind of stink.
What I did was to use the 1860 as a place holder of sorts.
The "1" is in the first position,
8 the second position.
6 is third
0 is fourth

You’ll see a set of numbers and substitute zero where there is no Nautilus (1860) number.
If the numbers you’re given are 2357 for instance you enter all zeroes because none of that is from the Nautilus 1860.
I had to do this about ten times before it worked. My number was something like 1683
So I entered 1320.

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