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The Stone Disc Puzzle

[Post New]by ChocPeng on Jul 20, 17 12:29 AM

Ok, someone needs to contact Elephant Games and tell them their instructions in the Strategy Guide for the Stone Disc Puzzle is absolutely WRONG.

How are people moving forward? I've tried everything I can and I cannot seem to get the colors correct. I can get the colors right on the outer section, but I think it's the inner section that is important, and I simply cannot make this work.

I refuse to skip this or any other puzzle. I have never skipped in 10 years and I'm not starting now. I guess it's time to hit the Internet and find someone who has this game posted and watch how they do it.

However, if I'm having to watch someone else do it to get the answer, isn't that the same as skipping it? I think so.

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