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[Post New]by TerryMann on Apr 26, 10 12:45 AM
I bought the game a while back, this TMG will have you doing a whole lot of clicking and faster as the game progresses. You are keeping customers happy with their favorite foods, for example you may get a customer wanting 3 burgers, now when you are done serving the burgers- out pops another request now not only does he want the burgers, now this person wants drinks, french fries, ice cream etc...with that order. I have to admit the game does get challenging, and it has mini-games as well as replaying a level if needed, however you do have to serve enough customers to be able to advance to the next level. You will see try again, if you are not able to meet the goal. This was an o.k. TMG- for some fishies you may get a little aggrevated because the customers are very picky and with that one wrong click can cause a customer to leave. I forgot to add you can also play the mini-games, it's on menu screen- some of them were fun. TMann

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