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[Post New]by quynne77 on Jul 20, 17 6:39 AM
I have had this game in my Game Manager with 8 minutes to go and I was up to level10 so with a credit to spare I bought it, Regret it totally - sometimes a tiny extra use of the crayon means not only repeating the level but sometimes even going back further as the crayons do not fill to where they were which makes the level impossible. I love this style of game and I admit I mostly bought it as I love dogs more than games but this one really annoyed me. I don't mind trying new strategies to defeat a level as long as I am given the same amount of tools to do it. But they are not always available in this game and I will not restart from scratch for any game. Very disappointed in a game that had a lot of potential. Not a good example of the genre when you have to restart a level you have successfully completed just to retry the next level. Will avoid this developer from now on!

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