Card Game end of Main Story

[Post New]by ashepter on Jul 20, 17 9:29 PM
What the...Is there some secret I'm missing. Has anyone gotten this? I seem to be in a never ending shoot out with "1's" and "2's". I have got to be missing something.
I just don't seem to understand ... HELP

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Re:Card Game end of Main Story

[Post New]by sazoria on Jul 21, 17 12:53 AM
The idea is not to get rid of all the enemies cards, but to make an unbroken path of your good cards from the bottom to the demon card in the middle on the other side, as this is your main opponent and you can only attack cards on the bottom row or that are next to a path of your good cards.

Cards can fight other cards with the same or lower number than them.

You begin with lower numbers, but as you continue the game, the more enemy cards you defeat the higher number cards you will begin to receive.

When you begin to get fours and higher you can start to make your final attack. Make the unbroken path up to the demon card , but use higher cards, even if the opponent card is really low because you need the path to last until you have reached the demon card.
As you continue to take turns, any card you have already put down will continue to decrease in strength (number) as it has to withstand enemy cards around it, so when making your path you need higher cards so that they wont be replaced halfway through your approach and break the path to the demon card.

When you have an unbroken path of good cards from the bottom of the screen to the demon card you can use the Dragon card.
It is a huge card on the left of the screen entitled 'ultimate dragon power' or something like that. I believe it charges as you defeat your enemy cards.
If it is red, your turn and you still have an unbroken path then you can click on it and it will beat the demon card and win the fight.


Re:Card Game end of Main Story

[Post New]by ashepter on Jul 21, 17 11:47 AM
Thank You so much! The part I didn't get... was the use of the Ultimate Dragon Card on the left. You are the best... Thanks again

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Re:Card Game end of Main Story

[Post New]by Jorie10 on Aug 24, 17 2:03 PM
Playing the SE.

Same for me. Didn't know I had to use the dragon card. Thanks, sazoria!

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Re:Card Game end of Main Story

[Post New]by sandicats5 on Nov 25, 17 11:41 AM
I didn't understand it either.

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