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Wizard Land Mac version review

[Post New]by RyeMcLaughlin on Apr 26, 10 6:21 AM
This Match 3 has so much going for it. There are three types of game play, swap, group, and chain. You can even switch between types of game play during a level, although it shuffles the board when you do that. It's bright and colorful. There is are timed and untimed versions and there are separate controls for music, sound effects and the announcer's voice (he doesn't really say anything interesting).

When you have cleared the level, a key appears, and you must clear more blocks to drop the key into a lock. The board rotates to allow you to follow the key's winding path, which in higher levels get more complicated. You can also rotate the board during the first part of the game to help you clear the board.

It works very smoothly. There 90 levels, so it will take a while to get through. I didn't like the powerups, there are only two, shuffle and Mega Blast (lightning) and they are both random. Rearranging the whole board when you only wanted one tile out of the way was a huge annoyance, especially when it didn't help. Mega Blast is more useful, but again annoying when it wasn't useful.

It looks like it will be a really challenging game. Not sure though if I am really in the mood for a challenging Match 3 - I usually choose them when I want to relax. I like it, but it's in my maybe pile.

One odd thing about the game, when I exit, the game takes anywhere from 3 to 15 seconds to completely quit. (Tried it 5 times)

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Re:Wizard Land Mac version review

[Post New]by shorenuf on Apr 28, 10 3:02 PM
I have the same quit delay. Also, I opened the game again and my progress was saved. But when I went back later my profile was completely gone. Trashed, and downloaded again. Same exact scenario. I am about out of demo time, so won't buy.

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Re:Wizard Land Mac version review

[Post New]by Cptduzer on Apr 28, 10 3:20 PM
shorenuf - if you can't get the help you need from BFG - try emailing the dev. directly, they answered me about their game in less than 24 hours. they are listed before the game starts. I have a pc - but I LOVE this game, and I have been playing it for months. The ability to rotate, change, etc. more than makes up for the same board shape.
pm. if you like.

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