unlocking bonus game

[Post New]by willjk57 on Jul 22, 17 12:40 PM
Played thru a few times to get the feel of things (using hints and skip puzzle).

Created a new player and played thru with 100% complete achievements done,
yet the golden chain on bonus game in main menu still says to finish the game, wt_!

Any help there?

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Re:unlocking bonus game

[Post New]by WilJul on Jul 25, 17 6:50 AM
Have you played the part on the ships? If so, you've played the bonus game. Here's what the FAQs say:

I can't UNLOCK the BONUS GAME!!!!!
After the Lawson's are swept away by the wave, the screen turns white and you are taken back to the main menu where the bonus game sign with the lock on it disappears and a subtitle under the main title that reads "LAST RITES" appears. If you hit "Play" - YOU ARE NOW PLAYING THE BONUS GAME on the ships. After you match the 13 skulls to their respective skeletons, the credits roll and you are taken back to the main menu - YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED THE BONUS GAME and THE GAME RESETS and you are back at the very beginning with the bonus material locked until you complete the main game again.

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