Apparent bugs

[Post New]by walterskinner on Jul 23, 17 5:01 PM
Early on, I encountered a couple of bugs that make two levels unplayable. Both involve ladders. Mansion 1 level 5. Room right, down ladder, then without me clicking, the avatar moves back up the ladder. That's as far as I can go. Also, Mansion 1 lev 7: Room left, walk left, blue phone. Room L Room L walk up get gold key. Then I can't walk down the ladder I just walked up.

I have tried reinstalling the game and the game manager. W10.

It might be worth noting that another game I bought and installed at the same time has a different bug that makes it unplayable. It's a different problem (cursor moves by itself), but suspicious, yes? Maybe I can get my money back, or replacement games. I'll send an email if I can figure out how to.

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