bought Microsoft store version, missing star reward after cource complete

[Post New]by Samredbone53 on Jul 26, 17 5:37 AM
hello, I bought Fairway solitaire from the Microsoft store. I have 1 issue and a question.
Issue, I finished country club pack, game stated I get 5000 golf balls, it did not do this, has anyone had this issue?

as I own the version through the MS store if there are any updates to the game, can I get them?

I guess I should have bought it directly from big fish.

thinking I should download the game from big fish and start over. I doubt my current game status will carry over.

thanks, AL

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Re:bought Microsoft store version, missing star reward after cource complete

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Jul 27, 17 2:06 PM
Hello Samredbone53,

Welcome to the forums, and thank you for reaching out.

Since the game was purchased through the Microsoft Store, it is different from the Free-to-Play version available on our website. We're unable to offer troubleshooting support for this version of the game, although I encourage you to contact Microsoft Store Support for further guidance.

I also recommend the Free-to-Play version of this game. It can be downloaded and played for free. Extra content can be purchased within the game to enhance the playing experience and to progress more quickly. For more information about Free-to-Play games, please take a look at the help page below.

Free to Play Games

As a courtesy, if you download the Free-to-Play game, our Fairway Solitaire Support Team can advance you past the first few levels. Just submit a ticket to them and include your AccountID with the inquiry.

Thanks for your patience, and please don't hesitate to PM me or another of the active Moderators if further questions or concerns arise. We're here to help.


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