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Poisonous Creatures Impossible to Win

[Post New]by moonryu on Jul 27, 17 9:15 AM
I have fought this one poisonous creature (its in the wizard tower with the mechanical warriors) 3rd section I believe, over 20 times now.

Any suggestions on how to beat it, I have tried pretty much everything from near continuesly healing to totally ignoring healing and hope I get enough fire, ice or swords to kill it before it kills me. And I am about ready to delete this game.

There are no side quests / battles i.e. ways to get more experience to get high level to fight past a battle one can't win. You don't game experience for losing. You are just stuck in an endless battle. Maybe eventually the tiles will fall in your favor but I don't feel like wasting another couple hours trying.

Note to developers -- you need to make this game less frustrating otherwise people are not going to buy the game.


Re:Poisonous Creatures Impossible to Win

[Post New]by Magaldav on Jul 28, 17 10:02 AM
I have the same problem - actually, it is the game's problem: it is impossible to progress. This makes an instantly addictive game into endless frustration. I have asked Big Fish my money back (I posted on tech issues). No reply yet. I encourage you to do the same as this is an unsolvable issue.


Poisonous Creatures Impossible to Win

[Post New]by CoordinationNOT on Jul 28, 17 12:47 PM
I am stuck in the exact same area. I am at the Venomous Shade. I have beaten everything around me, and received the mystic purple power up, I have no idea to use it, and still am stuck.



Re:Poisonous Creatures Impossible to Win

[Post New]by CoordinationNOT on Jul 28, 17 12:56 PM
I just beat up the Venomous Shade. I don't know how I did it but everything just fell the right way.

My suggestion is to keep filling up your magic bars and blasting the thing.

Good luck to you all!


Re:Poisonous Creatures Impossible to Win

[Post New]by susan1227 on Aug 3, 17 4:49 PM
Hello there, I’ve just finished this game (albeit for Death but will explain later) so it is beatable. You need EVERY power-up available so NEVER miss out on the lock & chest puzzles and select evenly as you go along else you won’t have enough power to beat your enemies … that is with a good dose of luck too with how the tiles fall. I selected fire and ice to maximum before the swords however, but there are enemies on later levels who can only be killed with non-magic stuff. That said, when that is stated, fire does usually impact on the enemy slightly (ice doesn’t) so ALWAYS watch what effect everything has on your opponent EVERY-time. You do have an advantage here, their selection is random and often foolish, yours IS selective!

Later levels suck! … Bad! … every fireball you send can come back, so most of the time, you end up killing yourself!

On the very last set of levels, you come across the option of fighting Death or you can choose other enemies. I tried death, and although ‘dent-able’, I decided to take on the other enemies and leave Death till last. I did beat the other ones, but the picture frame that came up didn’t give me allowance to take on Death again so had to end the game unfortunately!

But … all in all, a game worth playing … ok my husbands walked out on me and my dog doesn’t want to know me anymore … but I completed it! Not the best laid out games I agree and lots of room for improvement here and there, but it’s captured a week of my life and attention and not every game can boast that.

So .... good luck to you all … & stick with it! .... It's worth it!


Re:Poisonous Creatures Impossible to Win

[Post New]by Kritterlady on Sep 22, 17 5:00 PM
I am stuck at the same one; trying off and on for 2 weeks now. Came close once.... Ready to smash my computer with a baseball bat I am so frustrated; so I think before I lose my temper and computer I will uninstall. I suppose that one horrible game out of hundreds isn't too bad though. Still love you Big Fish!

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