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??Seeking the Treasures??

[Post New]by 2cats4u on Jul 29, 17 8:31 AM
can't figure what's up with the treasures. Kinda forgot about looking for them and when I try to collect them now I don't seem able to pick them out (or pick them up). When I was in the Vet's office I used the guide to locate it but what the guide showed and what I could pick u were 2 completely different things. Is anybody collecting treasure and if so how is your search going??

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Re:??Seeking the Treasures??

[Post New]by sazoria on Jul 29, 17 8:55 AM
I believe the treasures are the souvenirs. You cannot collect them during gameplay.
Once you have finished the main and bonus chapters you can go into the extras menu, click on the treasures, click on one of the outlines and start the treasures game.
You are given one treasure to find in each scene (scenes previously featured in gameplay), which is either in plain site or you have to move something or use a tool in order to see it. The treasure you need to get will be displayed at the bottom of the screen like an HOP game.

With madhead games, once you have finished the treasures game, the treasures button usually morphs into something else like an ultimate HOP to play or something.

I also can't be sure, as I haven't played this one yet, but madhead games are usually similarly set out; it might be that you can't play the treasures game until you have got all of the collectibles in the main and bonus chapters. Any you haven't got can be revisited in the collectibles button in the extras menu, and once gotten, the collectibles button will morph into the treasures button.
Or they might just be two separate buttons, it really depends on the game.

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