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tips for 3.5 expert mode please!

[Post New]by elizaew on Jul 29, 17 3:53 PM
struggling with this one in expert mode. Anyone out there want to share how they did it? As usual, the guide is useless.

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Re:tips for 3.5 expert mode please!

[Post New]by chigal012 on Sep 1, 17 1:18 PM
That one was hard.
I did not upgrade the workshops (the stakes were very useful at the beginning - I used the gold dice to get the gold I needed for them), I built but did not upgrade the farms and I built and upgraded the mines so they would give two gold at a time. I did not fill the two pits to the left of the tent, and I'm pretty sure I didn't consume the wooden columns (I remember consuming the one in front of the gold pile at some point, but I think that was when I was still trying and failing to get gold).
I used the temporary worker once or twice at the beginning, and after that the unlimited workers.
The first time I followed this strategy I got gold but didn't beat the DR. The second time I made sure to use the gifts more effectivly and managed to beat the DR by a big margin.

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