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Diary page1 What game?

[Post New]by JaceDelft on Aug 1, 17 8:03 AM
On page 1 of the diary it says:

"Our last adventure was quite interesting. It turns out that you can encounter banshees in North America! Fiona got carried away with the mythological aspect and we almost got caught. I'm never letting my sister take the lead again! I thought that piercing banshee scream would be the last thing I ever heard. I hope it won't have any lingering consequences..."

Does this refer to an earlier game? It must involve both Fiona and Rachel and a banshee.

I played all of the series except Alone in the Mists and Return to another world.
In the Surface games reviews I could not find any reference to Fiona and/or Rachel. Nor to a banshee.

Does any one know what game the diary refers to?

I am really curious.

Thanks for any reactions,


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